Cyber Defense Services

The situation of network insecurity, piracy on the internet, data theft , and malicious code attacks are increasingly unpredictable. NetNam is a consultant providing overall and optimal services and solutions of network safety for clients.

NetNam Safer Internet
NetNam Safer Internet - Surveillance service, abnormal detection on the Internet connection line, ensuring safety & proactively preventing the risk of information insecurity. Outstanding features include anti-malware, anti-phishing theft, user and application management , numbers investigation and malicious code remove.
DDOS attack prevention
NetNam's DDOS attack prevention service is a solution to minimize the risk of DDoS attacks to maintain the performance and enhance the availability of customers' systems. NetNam solutions are built in accordance with the network of the enterprise and solve most of the popular attack models in Vietnam.
Network safety assessment
NetNam is a typical unit providing comprehensive network safety assessment and network risk assessment for all computer networks of organizations and businesses. NetNam's solutions are designed to optimize safety solutions for network and data security for network systems.
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer is a global technology security standard that creates an encrypted link between the web server and the browser. This link ensures all data exchanged between them is always secured. Currently NetNam is a partner of many big companies in the world such as GlobalSign, VeriSign ...
Service Features
  • Total services and solutions according to client needs
  • Early detection and warning system
  • Identify problems and consult solutions
  • Support solving problems in a short time
  • Deploy in NetNam or at client location without affecting the existing system
  • Do not change the system structure & the existing equipment
  • Ability to integrate with the available device, identification software (AD, LDAP ...)
  • Do not install software on user machines
  • Unlimited number of uses
  • Regularly and fully report
  • Reasonable cost
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