Network Management and Monitoring

Understanding all difficulties of enterprises and organizations without a network management, operation and supervision department, NetNam provides network managed services to reduce clients's burden of costs and human. At the same time, NetNam high-quality experts will help your information network system to be operated continuously and smoothly; monitor and warn of arising errors; quickly troubleshoot, make management and operation process more easy and convenient.

Service Pakages
Network Monitoring
This service is 24/7 automatic monitoring of all network systems aspects such as bandwidth, traffic, hardware (computers, printers, servers, hard drives, routers and switches), IP, mechanical database, applications ... It helps customers to quickly tand flexibly solve problems, minimize interruptions.
Network Managed Maintenance
This is a service of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware replacement based on service delivery standards and compliance with procedures according to the commitment to SLAs (Service Level Agreement). Using this service, clients can receive positive benefits such as improving the efficiency and availability of the system; reduce interruption time by identifying early risks and solving problems before they occur; ability to deploy, manage and operate complex solutions; improve owner costs etc.
Server Management
Dịch vụ quản trị máy chủ là hình thức cung cấp dịch vụ quản lý kỹ thuật thực hiện tất cả các thao tác quản lý thuộc trách nhiệm của bộ phận tương đương vị trí Quản trị hệ thống của khách hàng. Khi thuê dịch vụ quản lý máy chủ, khách hàng sẽ được cài đặt, cấu hình, tối ưu, theo dõi và xử lý các vấn đề kỹ thuật và lỗi phát sinh trên máy chủ nhằm đảm bảo máy chủ hoạt động trong trạng thái ổn định và hiệu suất cao nhất.
Service Features
  • Monitor the system in real time
  • Early detect problem and warn to the administrator
  • Identify system problems and consult solutions
  • Support solving problems in a short time
  • High security
  • Regularly report and analize data for administrators
  • Reasonable cost
Service Level Agreement
Monitoring 24/7,
early warning system
High speed
internet connectivity
Fast problem solving
(maximum 4 hours)
security level
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